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..:: We will teach You  how to climb safely, but primary we show You how find the pleasure and fun with this activity :-) ::..


PROGRAM  CERTIFIED by Polish Alpine Asociation (PZA) member of UIAA

How to get started in rock climbing? You've seen the pictures, heard the stories, watched the tantalizing footage in a movie or TV show. But then you look around and nobody seems to know any climbers, and you haven't a clue about where to begin. 

Years ago, rock climbers started out as hikers and mountain climbers. Technical rock climbing was a natural extension for them. Today, lots of rock climbers are coming from indoor climbing gyms. These are steep-terrain athletes, not necessarily seasoned outdoorspeople. Many of these climbers don't even venture outside. They find the indoor world rich enough to satisfy them without going further afield.

To an outsider, the culture of climbers might seem elitist and closed; and if not, it's at least mysterious. There are all those gadgets, all those terms. Lots of climbers tell stories about being intimidated, not by the climbing itself, but by the culture and the technology. All it takes is one day out on the rock and, I assure you, any sense of intimidation disappears. Mystery turns to understanding.

Most important for any beginner is to find others who share the interest. If there is an indoor climbing gym, you are all set. Simply visit, get a lesson or two, and don't be shy. Everyone in the place was once in your position, and most climbers will be enthusiastic about bringing another into the fold.

If you live in an area with some natural cliffs, there will probably be an outdoor gear store whose clerks are in the know. Ask them every question you can think of: Who are the local instructors? Are there any climbing clubs? Is there a network of climbers? Check the board for posted notes from other climbers seeking partners.

I won't recommend getting instruction from just any friendly stranger. Even though many of us did just that, some of us are lucky to have survived the apprenticeship. The Polish
Alpine Asociation (PZA) will give you an extensive listing of certified  instructors.
ABC WSPINANIA  ( ABC of CLIMBING ) is one of this recomended schools. We Invite You to start with as ! 

School  is equiped  with all necessary gear . Base is located 10 min. from rock area where we provide trainings. Participants live in base  in this time. Charge  20 zl per night (about 5 Euro) . Sleepingbags are necessary. Base - few places for sleep, shower, kitchen and great  atmosphere :-)


In climbing season  from may to september trainings  begin in saturday or monday
In march, april and october terms are indywidualy negociated.
Is possibilyty to learn in weekend mode for peoples who work and learn in school.

In winter time we provide trainings on gyms and out of country ( often in Italy or Spain).

If you are interested  practice climbing call  to +48 609 465 237 or send mail to
Ten adres pocztowy jest chroniony przed spamowaniem. Aby go zobaczyć, konieczne jest włączenie w przeglądarce obsługi JavaScript.  (abc of

Loock at calandar of climbing courses.


Rock climbing course - certified  by Polish Alpine Asociation (6 days) 300 Euro
Climbing on bolted routes    ( 3 days)                                          150 Euro
Climbing with trad protection    ( 3 days)                                     180 Euro
Introduction to GYM climbing    ( 2 days,  2 x 3 h)                         70  Euro
Preparation for technical rope acces ( 3 days)                              250 Euro
Lessons of climbing technic   - indyvidualy negociated     - ask